“Incluso la más bella rosa ha sido a través de la suciedad”

            It’s amazing how a rose could make a person smile. A rose is a type of flower with a sweet smell. Roses have different colors that signify different meanings. For example, a yellow rose means friendship and a white rose means purity. These roses are given to people for different purposes for roses speak without words which I think is enchanting.

            ENGLCOM for me could be compared to a rose for it was a beautiful yet tiring experience. Before roses could bloom, they have to go through dirt which I think represents ENGLCOM. I started with little knowledge and had to struggle a lot but as time progress, I improved and blossomed. I think ENGLCOM is something that makes you go through dirt first in order to bloom into a beautiful rose. Moreover, roses have thorns and if not careful, could prick you. ENGLCOM requires a lot of papers and if not submitted could lead to your failure. It takes time and effort but I believe that if you are patient and persevering you shall pass this course.

 To the Future ENGLCOM students,

                        I hope you love writing because that is what ENGLCOM entails. Be patient because you will need I for the dreadful Extended Definition Essay. Read a lot and be ready and you will never fail. Also, never forget your APA and a yellow pad, it is a must! Heed my words and you will succeed. I will pass onto you my journey and I hope you have fun like I did


        ENGLCOM would be impossible without my block mates. I have never felt so grateful to be part of an awesome block and to have the same people accompany me through this journey is a blessing. These people pushed me, consoled me, and helped me with my essays and for that I would always be thankful. Also, thank you to my block mates for always bringing yellow pad paper. Of course I would like to take this opportunity to thank both my professors Ms. Suzeth Latap and Mr. Mikko Macugay for being so patient and understanding with me. I am grateful to have both professors for I would not have improved without them.